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Eukaryotic Interleukin 1 Beta (IL1b)

IL1-B; IL1-Beta; IL1F2; IL-1β; Interleukin-1 Family Member 2; Catabolin

  • 白介素1β(IL1b)真核蛋白 產品包裝(模擬)
  • 白介素1β(IL1b)真核蛋白 產品包裝(模擬)
  • 白介素1β(IL1b)真核蛋白 Figure. Gene Sequencing (Extract)
  • EPA563Ra61.png Figure. SDS-PAGE
  • Certificate 通過ISO 9001、ISO 13485質量體系認證



Reconstitute in 10mM PBS (pH7.4) to a concentration of 0.1-1.0 mg/mL. Do not vortex.






編號 適用物種:Rattus norvegicus (Rat,大鼠) 應用(僅供研究使用,不用于臨床診斷!)
APA563Ra61 白介素1β(IL1b)活性蛋白 Cell?culture;?Activity?Assays.
APA563Ra01 白介素1β(IL1b)活性蛋白 Cell?culture;?Activity?Assays.
RPA563Ra01 白介素1β(IL1b)重組蛋白 Positive Control; Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
EPA563Ra61 白介素1β(IL1b)真核蛋白 Positive Control; Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
CPA563Ra11 白介素1β(IL1b)牛血清白蛋白偶聯物 Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
CPA563Ra21 白介素1β(IL1b)卵白蛋白偶聯物 Immunogen; SDS-PAGE; WB.
PAA563Ra08 白介素1β(IL1b)多克隆抗體 WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
PAA563Ra01 白介素1β(IL1b)多克隆抗體 WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
LAA563Ra71 白介素1β(IL1b)多克隆抗體(生物素標記) WB; IHC; ICC.
LAA563Ra81 白介素1β(IL1b)多克隆抗體(異硫氰酸熒光素標記) WB; IHC; ICC; IF.
MAA563Ra21 白介素1β(IL1b)單克隆抗體 WB; IHC; ICC; IP.
SEA563Ra 白介素1β(IL1b)檢測試劑盒(酶聯免疫吸附試驗法) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Antigen Detection.
MEA563Ra 白介素1β(IL1b)檢測試劑盒(酶聯免疫吸附試驗法,小樣本) Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for Antigen Detection.
SCA563Ra 白介素1β(IL1b)檢測試劑盒(化學發光免疫分析法) Chemiluminescent immunoassay for Antigen Detection.


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J Cell Mol Med LIGHT aggravates sepsis‐associated acute kidney injury via TLR4‐MyD88‐NF‐κB pathway [Pubmed: 32881263]
Nanotoxicology miR-205/IRAK2 signaling pathway is associated with urban airborne PM2.5-induced myocardial toxicity [Pubmed: 32880512]
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Biochimie Exosomes derived from TSG-6 modified mesenchymal stromal cells attenuate scar formation during wound healing [Pubmed: 32800897]
INVESTIGATIONAL NEW DRUGS Dual-function chimeric antigen receptor T cells targeting c-Met and PD-1 exhibit potent anti-tumor efficacy in solid tumors [Pubmed: 32772342]
Peptides Liraglutide ameliorates lipotoxicity-induced inflammation through the mTORC1 signalling pathway [Pubmed: 32771373]
Scientific Reports Beneficial effects of manually assisted chiropractic adjusting instrument in a rabbit model of osteoarthritis [Pubmed: 32764579]
Journal of Natural Medicines Preventive effect of dioscin against monosodium urate-mediated gouty arthritis through inhibiting inflammasome NLRP3 and TLR4/NF-κB signaling pathway activation?… [Pubmed: 32761488]
MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY MicroRNA-217 ameliorates inflammatory damage of endothelial cells induced by oxidized LDL by targeting EGR1 [Pubmed: 32737769]
Int Immunopharmacol BNIP3 deletion ameliorated enterovirus 71 infection-induced hand, foot and mouth disease via inhibiting apoptosis, autophagy, and inflammation in mice [Pubmed: 32717566]
BRAIN BEHAVIOR AND IMMUNITY Active smoking, sleep quality and cerebrospinal fluid biomarkers of neuroinflammation [Pubmed: 32717405]
molecular immunology TLR9 mediates the activation of NLRP3 inflammasome and oxidative stress in murine allergic airway inflammation [Pubmed: 32623292]
Scientific Reports Integrated metabolomics and gut microbiome to the effects and mechanisms of naoxintong capsule on type 2 diabetes in rats [Pubmed: 32616735]
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Frontiers in Pharmacology Oxymatrine Attenuates Dopaminergic Neuronal Damage and Microglia-Mediated Neuroinflammation Through Cathepsin D-Dependent HMGB1/TLR4/NF-κB … [Pubmed: 32528295]
Life Sci Puerarin ameliorates retinal ganglion cell damage induced by retinal ischemia/reperfusion through inhibiting the activation of TLR4/NLRP3 inflammasome [Pubmed: 32526286]
Brain and Behavior bFGF promotes neurological recovery from neonatal hypoxic–ischemic encephalopathy by IL‐1β signaling pathway‐mediated axon regeneration [Pubmed: 32525289]
American Journal of Translational Research Inhibition of calpain alleviates coxsackievirus B3-induced myocarditis through suppressing the canonical NLRP3 inflammasome/caspase-1-mediated and … [Pubmed: 32509190]
Frontiers in Pharmacology Hyperoside Protects Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells Against Anticardiolipin Antibody-Induced Injury by Activating Autophagy [Pubmed: 32508661]
Clinical Oral Investigations Bone microRNA-21 as surgical stress parameter is associated with third molar postoperative discomfort [Pubmed: 32495225]
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european journal of pharmaceutical sciences Stimulation of atypical cannabinoid receptor GPR55 abolishes the symptoms of detrusor overactivity in spontaneously hypertensive rats [Pubmed: 32360768]
BIOSCIENCE REPORTS IL-38 restrains inflammatory response of collagen-induced arthritis in rats via SIRT1/HIF-1α signaling pathway [Pubmed: 32347300]
BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY Protective effects of bee bread on testicular oxidative stress, NF-κB-mediated inflammation, apoptosis and lactate transport decline in obese male rats [Pubmed: 33152939]
ACS Chemical Neuroscience α-Synuclein Exhibits Differential Membrane Perturbation, Nucleation, and TLR2 Binding through Its Secondary Structure [Pubmed: 33196165]
Nutrition Changes in peripheral inflammation-related gene expression by postprandial glycemic response in healthy Japanese men [Pubmed: 33131984]
Journal of Diabetes Research Regulation and Mechanism of miR-518d through the PPARα-Mediated NF-κB Pathway in the Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus [Pubmed: 33123597]
International Immunopharmacology Echinacea polysaccharide alleviates LPS-induced lung injury via inhibiting inflammation, apoptosis and activation of the TLR4/NF-κB signal pathway [Pubmed: 33182056]
Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Cepharanthine attenuates cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury by reducing NLRP3 inflammasome-induced inflammation and oxidative stress via inhibiting 12?… [Pubmed: 32559840]
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Inflammation Tetramethylpyrazine Inhibits Platelet Adhesion and Inflammatory Response in Vascular Endothelial Cells by Inhibiting P38 MAPK and NF-κB Signaling Pathways []
Indian Journal of Animal Sciences Peripheral concentrations of metabolic and inflammatory indicators during transition period and their relationship with postpartum clinical endometritis in dairy?… []
Food & Function Nicotinamide riboside alleviates alcohol-induced depression-like behaviours in C57BL/6J mice by altering the intestinal microbiota associated with microglial?… []
Food and Agricultural Immunology Acrylamide induced the activation of NLRP3 inflammasome via ROS-MAPKs pathways in Kupffer cells []
Nanoscale Research Letters Protective Effects of Carbon Dots Derived from Phellodendri Chinensis Cortex Carbonisata against Deinagkistrodon acutus Venom-Induced Acute Kidney?… []
Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology Vitamin D3 and calcium cosupplementation alleviates cadmium hepatotoxicity in the rat: Enhanced antioxidative and anti‐inflammatory actions by remodeling cellular?… []
Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment Honokiol inhibits inflammation and endoplasmic reticulum stress in a rat model of pregnancy-induced hypertension []
Journal of Functional Foods Wine pomace product modulates oxidative stress and microbiota in obesity high-fat diet-fed rats []
Journal of Functional Foods Polyphenolic extracts from Wushan tea leaves attenuate hepatic injury in CCl4-treated mice []
Microbiome changes in patients with chronic heart failure with preserved ejection fraction correlate with fibrosis markers: Description of a Russian cohort []
Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Increased Level of Caspase-1 in the Serum of Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) Patients []
Interferon regulatory factor 8 induces alveolar macrophage hypoxia/reoxygenation injury via the PINK1/Parkin mitophagy pathway []
Phytomedicine Menthacarin attenuates experimental colitis []
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering Tissue-Engineered Decellularized Allografts for Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction []
The Role of Inflammatory Cytokine and Inflammatory Regulator Protein Related to Severity of Joint Effusion in Osteoarthritis []
Tempuyung Leaves (Sonchus arvensis) Ameliorates Monosodium Urate Crystal-Induced Gouty Arthritis in Rats through Anti-Inflammatory Effects []
Overektomize di?i s??anlarda beyin oksidatif stres, bdnf ve inflamatuar cevap düzeyleri ile n?rodavran??sal de?i?iklikler üzerine anjiyotensin II ?nhibisyonunun etkisi []
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Randomized Controlled Trial Effect of Freeze-Dried Amnion Graft on Cytokines in Uterine Exudates Following Hysteroscopic Adhesiolysis of Severe Intrauterine Adhesions [28170094]
Orthop Surg Proline?\Serine¨CThreonine Phosphatase?\Interacting Protein 2 Alleviates Diabetes Mellitus?\Osteoarthritis in Rats through Attenuating Synovial Inflammation and??- [33939302]
Biomed Pharmacother Captopril downregulates expression of Bax/cytochrome C/caspase-3 apoptotic pathway, reduces inflammation, and oxidative stress in cisplatin-induced acute??- [33945910]
PLoS One Beneficial impact of cathelicidin on hypersensitivity pneumonitis treatment?aIn vivo studies [33999928]
Nephron Dexmedetomidine Exerts Renal Protective Effect by Regulating the PGC-1|á/STAT1/IRF-1 Axis [33965939]
Stem Cell Research & Therapy Consecutive daily administration of intratracheal surfactant and human umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells attenuates hyperoxia-induced lung??- [33933128]
BMC Pharmacology & Toxicology Subacute poisoning with bifenthrin increases the level of interleukin 1? in mice kidneys and livers [33902677]
Clin Oral Investig Evaluation of heat shock protein 70 and toll-like receptor 4 expression in gingival crevicular fluid in response to orthodontic forces [34091792]
Placenta Vitamin D alleviates hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced injury of human trophoblast HTR-8 cells by activating autophagy [34126416]
Chem Biol Interact Hepatoprotective effect of anemoside B4 against sepsis-induced acute liver injury through modulating the mTOR/p70S6K-mediated autophagy [34051206]
Med Sci Monit Post-Treatment Sevoflurane Protects Against Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury in Neonatal Rats by Downregulating Histone Methyltransferase G9a and Upregulating ?- [34059615]
Exp Eye Res Topical calcitriol application promotes diabetic corneal wound healing and reinnervation through inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome activation [34144035]
BioMed Research International Ultrashort Wave Combined with Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell (HUC-MSC) Transplantation Inhibits NLRP3 Inflammasome and Improves??- [33376718]
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Zisheng Shenqi Decoction Ameliorates Monosodium Urate-Mediated Gouty Arthritis in Rats via Promotion of Autophagy through the AMPK/mTOR Signaling??- [33505502]
Basic and Clinical Neuroscience Paeonol Protects Against Intrastriatal 6-Hydroxydopamine Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease [33995926]
BioMed Research International MiR-599 Protects Cardiomyocytes against Oxidative Stress-Induced Pyroptosis [33681353]
cells The Effect of the Clenbuterol?a|?2-Adrenergic Receptor Agonist on the Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells Proliferation, Phenotype, Functions, and Reactive Oxygen??- [33920705]
Antioxidants Hidrox? Roles in Neuroprotection: Biochemical Links between Traumatic Brain Injury and Alzheimer's Disease [34065584]
Melatonin-mediated MT2 attenuates colitis induced by dextran sodium sulfate via PI3K/AKT/Nrf2/SIRT1/ROR|á/NF-|êB signaling pathways [34162146]
Natural Product Communications Oral Administration of Salmon Cartilage Proteoglycan Attenuates Osteoarthritis in a Monosodium Iodoacetate-Induced Rat Model []
Journal of Alzheimer's disease DAla2-GIP-GLU-PAL Protects Against Cognitive Deficits and Pathology in APP/PS1 Mice by Inhibiting Neuroinflammation and Up-regulating cAMP/PKA/CREB??- []
researchsquare p62 promotes HIV-1 gp120 V3 loop-mediated microglial inflammation by promoting noncanonical activation of Nrf2 []
Berberine Attenuates Neonatal Sepsis in Rats By Inhibiting FOXA1 and NF-|êB Signaling Transduction Via The Induction of miR-132-3p []
biomolecules Treadmill Running Changes Endothelial Lipase Expression: Insights from Gene and Protein Analysis in Various Striated Muscle Tissues and Serum []
Antioxidants Oxidative Stress Mediates Vascular Tortuosity []
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